The Mirpuri Foundation and the IUCN have joined forces in a significant collaboration for the prestigious Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award 2024. The winner received a 10,000 euro prize from the Foundation, double the amount awarded in previous years.

The Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award 2024 was attributed to an initiative led by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), that combines marine conservation with circular economy principles.

The award goes to an IUCN-led initiative titled “Strengthening Community Engagement and Improvement of Community-based Waste Management at Baan Koh Mook, Koh Libong Sub-district, Thailand.”

The project focuses on promoting multi-stakeholder engagement and improving waste management practices in the target community of Baan Koh Mook, Thailand with a particular emphasis on recyclable material and single-use plastic collection. Through the Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award, the Foundation aims to further support its implementation.

In addition to the grant provided by IUCN, the winner project of the Ocean Award 2024 received a 10,000-Euro prize from the Mirpuri Foundation, double the amount awarded in previous years, and was revealed  in the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy Awards Ceremony, July 7 at Cascais, Portugal.

With an international reach, this strategic partnership signifies a concerted effort from both organisations to address pressing environmental challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable future. “The partnership between the Mirpuri Foundation and IUCN for the Ocean Award 2024 is a significant milestone, underscoring our shared commitment to the health of the oceans. By recognizing and supporting initiatives like these, we aim to drive meaningful change and foster a sustainable relationship between humanity and the ocean,” remarked Paulo Mirpuri, President of the Mirpuri Foundation.

Highlighting the potential for innovative solutions that promote a healthy ocean within a circular economy framework, the Mirpuri Foundation remains steadfast in its dedication to preserving the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and shaping a more sustainable future for our planet.

Created in 1948, IUCN has evolved into the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network. It harnesses the experience, resources and reach of its more than 1,400 Member organisations and the input of around 16,000 experts. IUCN is the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it. The ability to convene diverse stakeholders and provide the latest science, objective recommendations and on-the-ground expertise drives IUCN’s mission of informing and empowering conservation efforts worldwide.

The Mirpuri Foundation has been following IUCN’s work closely since 2018 and partnering with the organization. Most recently, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy has become a signatory of Sports for Nature, a groundbreaking Initiative dedicated to leveraging the power of sports in addressing the global nature crisis.

A trophy for “The Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award of the year 2024” and a prize money of €10.000 as a recognition for the excellent contribution for a better world.

Award Ceremony
The Mirpuri Foundation/IUCN Ocean Award ceremony was held on July 7, 2024, at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy.

Past Winners